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Welcome to the KOA (Warrior) area of the Festival Marketplace, where Prime Positioning meets Unparalleled Exposure!


Nestled opposite the main stage, KOA vendors enjoy the ultimate spotlight...right at the heart of the action. As a Sponsorship Tier, KOA offers businesses a unique opportunity to showcase products or services in a high-traffic zone.  To the north and east, KOA vendors benefit from attendees entering from the main entrance, as well as those enjoying the cultural performances.   To the south, the KOA hub benefits from those visiting the Festival Food Court. 


With its strategic location, KOA is the ideal area for vendors to maximize brand visibility.  Also unique to the KOA hub is that Festival attendees will linger in the KOA area as a result of the cultural performances.   Join the KOA hub and leverage your best strategies to net optimal outcomes.


Be a KOA vendor and make your mark on the main stage of success!

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