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Welcome to the ONO (Good to Eat) area of the Festival Marketplace, where attendees can indulge in the rich flavors of South Pacific cuisine alongside local favorites.  This is our version of the Food Court.

Located on the west side of the stage heading south, the ONO section is uniquely situated to leverage foot traffic from three sources.  The stage audience, those walking along the popular Willamette River path and those attending the Festival Workshops will find it hard to resist the foods offered by ONO vendors.  The Festival Food vendors are always a must see at the Festival.

Whether you’re planning to offer Hawaiian poke bowls, sizzling Pacific Rim grilled dishes or tasty desserts, ONO is the place to be!  The challenge is this area will not be the foot traffic, but rather the lines.  Plan ahead to ensure you have a process to move your line forward smoothly and watch all those happy faces enjoying the food they pick up from you.


If you’re looking to share the culture through food, Ono is where you belong.  Join us!

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