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FAQ*    *Subject to Change

1. What time do the gates open?

  • The event gates will be open to the public at 10a. The floorshow does not start until 12p.

2. What items are not allowed inside the festival grounds?

  • Weapons of any kind, including knives and firearms

  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia

  • Glass bottles and cans

  • Outside alcohol and drinks (except for sealed water bottles or empty reusable bottles to fill up at water stations)

  • Coolers and large bags

  • Selfie sticks and tripods

  • Laser pointers

  • Professional camera equipment or audio/video recording devices (without proper press credentials)

  • Drones

3. Can I bring my own food and drinks? 

  • Respectfully, no. Please review the following reasons.

  • Safety and Health Concerns: We have concerns about food safety and hygiene, as improperly stored or prepared food can cause foodborne illnesses. Additionally, outside drinks may be spiked with alcohol or drugs, which can create a risk of harm to other attendees.

  • Revenue and Profit: As Organizers, we rely on food and drink sales to generate revenue, as vendors pay for the opportunity to sell their products at the event. If attendees are allowed to bring their own food and drink, this can impact the organizers' ability to make a profit and cover the costs of hosting the event.

  • Environmental Concerns: We are focused on reducing waste and minimizing their environmental impact. Allowing attendees to bring their own food and drink can result in a large amount of waste and packaging, which can be difficult to manage and dispose of properly.

  • Responsibility & Obligations: We have a responsibility and obligation to our food and drink vendors, which may prohibit attendees from bringing their own food and drink. They pay a hefty amount of fees to participate in this event and allowing outside food and beverage into the event would lessen their opportunity to sell. We appreciate all of our food and beverages vendors as their support helps pay for this free community event year after year.

4. Are there any age restrictions for the festival?

  • No. This event is for all ages and is a family friendly kine affair.

5. Is there a specific dress code for the festival?

  • Wear comfortable clothing, it will be warm so dress accordingly and don't forget your sunscreen!

6. How do I get to the festival venue?

  • Google Maps ---> Enter Alton Baker Park ---> Follow all prompts ---> 45 arrive alive!

7. What types of music genres will be featured at the festival?

  • Great question! This event likes to spotlight and promote Pacific Islander artists from all over the Pasifika and will post our official playlist on our Youtube channel for everyone to check out and share!

8. Are there any meet and greet opportunities with the artists?

  • Stay tuned for information on how you can meet and greet the groups and artist's after every set. 

9. What should I do if I lose something during the festival?

  • A lost and found effort will be run from the info booth. If the missing item is turned in, that would be the best place to check if you've misplaced something...brings us to a good point ---> please keep an eye on your keiki!

10. Will there be medical facilities available on site?

  • Medics will be near the info booth during the show and onsite throughout the day. 

11. Can I leave and re-enter the festival grounds?

  • Yes! This is a FREE event with NO ENTRY FEE. Come and go as you like!

12. Are there any camping options available at the festival?

  • No, unless you count the guys cooking the pig overnight...

13. Is there a map of the festival grounds available?

  • An event map will post up August 1, 2024 - stay tuned for that post!

14. What kind of weather should I expect during the festival?

  • It will be very sunny and bright, bring sunscreen, hats and sunglasses to watch the show.

15. Are there any VIP or upgraded ticket options available?

  • No, but we are selling VIP swag bags full of stuff from our vendors and MORE...

16. Can I bring my camera or recording equipment to the festival?

  • Sure! However, please refer to #2 above regarding professional photography and audio equipment.  

17. What kind of security measures are in place at the festival?

  • The main entrance will have security bag checks and pat downs. We want to keep everyone as safe as possible. Please review the above prohibited items for a list of what will be turned away at the entrance.

19. Are there any volunteer opportunities available for the festival?

20. Will there be food and drink vendors available at the festival?

  • Yessssss! This year we've actively recruited the most diverse food vendors out there to be a part of this event to offer something for everyone. Bring your appetites and some tupperware because you're going to need them!

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